The Courage to Do It Again

In a series of essays I share experiential stories that touch on the Everyman in us and help us better understand the messages of our existence.

Many years ago, I coached a young man who had grown up in the housing projects of Tampa, sending him from the University of South Florida College of Engineering to be the first United States representative to Siemens International student exchange program.

A lot of people said it couldn’t be done. We did it anyway.

Ramón knows the difference it has made in his life and the life of his mother. Siemens paid for the last year of his degree and gave him a job. Ramón’s mom took the money he sent from his work and went back to school. Before she graduated, she had three job offers as a nurse. She no longer has a minimum wage job packaging shirts for a sportswear manufacturer.

Miracles are what we make happen by how we live. The potential in each person is profound.

In The Courage to Do It Again, I talk about those every day miracles.

The Courage to Do It Again was started as a series of newsletters, and is going to book format due to repeated requests. What is unique about the series is the intensely personal flavor combined with strong and proven writing skills. The pieces resonate with who we are and a part of us we may have forgotten.

* * * * *
The Loss of Purpose: “Sandra,You are an inspiration. Keep going! I love your “can do” attitude. Thank you for putting me on your list (I wasn’t there before).” – Cindi

“Sign me up dear. Yes I am in Alaska and yes you can change lives!” – Dan

“This is awesome……will you be my coach and help me to continue changing my life?” – Patrice

Affirmations: “Thank you for your emails, they always inspire and help me with my career and my personal life. I really admire what you do and hope to continue learning from you. Please always keep me in your mailing lists.” – Shirley

The Spaces Between: “Sandra, I am amazed by your depth of thought. I enjoy all of your thought provoking E-mails, but THE SPACES BETWEEN is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I print them and place them within sheet protectors in a special notebook labeled ‘Sandra’s Notes.'” – Lucille

Avoiding the Discomfort of NO: “Never thought of a basic yes or no answer as being so powerful. Thank you Sandra, I forwarded this on to a few friends of mine.” – Ed

Radical Appreciation: “I like your term “Radical Appreciation”. Will use it and give you credit. Love & light” – Gitane “Dr.G,” Psychotherapist … and Coach, Davis, CA radio station KDRT- LP

“Don’t ever stop sending me your newsletter!” – James

Holding Hands: “I loved it! Your writing skills are fantastic!” – Berta

In My Own Time: “Oh Sandra, I always enjoy your writing, but this one has really touched my heart. I’m one of those performance-based people that has to go to a therapy group once a week so I can remind myself that living for myself is far more important than the ‘doing’ I once believed in. Thank you so very very much!” – Sasha

The Christmas Tree: “These letters always have a way of bringing tears to my eyes!” – Sherrie

Focus: “This is beautiful, Sandra. With love,” – Gloria, HeavenLetters

“Sandra, Thank you, this one hits home for me. I recently got married and I have been mentally and emotionally caught up in the struggle over where we go for the holidays. This really puts things in perspective for me. I will share with my friends and family.” – Karen

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