Lottery portrays a dystopian world where EVERYONE is crammed into institutionalized housing except for those unfortunate enough to win the Lottery . . . an ingeniously crafted plan the Incorporated States of America uses to ensure economic stability.

Your assignment? Spend an obscene amount of money in a specified period of time. The problem is that everyone else in the Lottery has the same objective, and there are only so many goods and services to go around. Fail and you go to jail. Succeed, and, after ten years, you get to go back to your old life, taking no more than the clothes on your back, ruined by the memories of what you used to have, and leaving behind your children to be adopted by other Lottery winners looking for ways to spend enough to survive.

Is there a way out?

Lottery Administrator Lawrence Plum loves the Lottery . . . but he is certain he’s exempt. When he finds himself in the program, he isn’t above screwing over his friends just to make sure he succeeds. Is Lawrence as smart as he thinks he is?

His wife, Charlene, a college history instructor, teaches the mangled dogma that has been passed down by a corrupt government. Once in the program, she is certain that she will succeed beyond all expectations and enthusiastically adopts a beat-the-Joneses mindset. Knowing nothing of parenting, she convinces Lawrence to adopt two children, who have an agenda of their own . . . to find their real mother.

Sam Girard, a Lottery relocation specialist, shuttles people in and out of the program, and knows the consequences of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time . . . but he is sworn to secrecy and lives in fear of the day that his outspoken wife expresses her dissatisfaction with the status quo. Can he keep her quiet?

Amanda Girard, a Lottery counselor, knows through her work what the Lottery does to the human soul. Her job is to encourage those who are failing to meet their spending obligation and to tell them that they are going to make it, even though she knows that, by the time they call her, it is too late.

These individuals will fight their own personal battles . . . until they cross paths with a mysterious magician who has survived the Lottery, but still lives in the opulent Lottery enclave.

What is his secret? And, will he help them?