Shannon Maillert, in trying to save her marriage, retrieves the trash of her rival and stumbles into a grinding chain of events for which she is ill-prepared: marital rape, post-traumatic stress disorder, murder, and a treasure ship scam.

The unusual but believable characters reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen are woven with poetic richness into a dynamic tapestry that draws the reader in and drives the plot, twisting between the light-hearted humor of the protagonist, and the unrelenting terror of her situation.

Spiraling river currents bearing away an unnamed fetus tangle inextricably with the rush of bloody water down the shower drain after her brutal assault. Small incidents trigger and re-trigger nightmarish memories and Shannon can say nothing.

Locked in horror and embarrassment, trapped by trying to maintain a sense of balance, Shannon ignores things as if it will make them go away. But it doesn’t work.

Blackmail, vandalism and attempted murder plague her efforts at normalcy. Her life is in danger. Unwittingly, she has retrieved check registers that keystone a treasure ship scam. And somebody is very interested that she has them.

The intensity of the situation is lightened by the humor of a son with an insatiable appetite, the gentle harbor of a young, but capable daughter, the resourcefulness of a solid, but uninformed friend and required dependence on a well-meaning but unconventional high school beaux.

Shannon, unwillingly thrust into her divorce and the maelstrom of the surrounding issues, is one of today’s women, caring deeply about family, and lost when the script is broken. Resisting all the way, she is forced to learn a whole new pattern of living and strengths previously unknown.

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