Fiction. . .nonfiction. . .poetry. . .scripts. . .here’s a sampling and descriptions of some of my projects. . .


“Cannabinoid deficiency and its impact on human health and disease,” Sandra Kischuk MSMIS, MCPM, with Sir Jonn Desnoes OMD, MD, PhD and Shane Hennessy, BA. Submitted for publication to The Townsend Letter, October 2016.


Dynamic Dental Educators Continuing Education Courses for Dental Professionals

CEUs Course Title Year
4 Dental Lab Materials 2015
2 OSHA Requirements for Dentistry 2014
2 Lasers in Dentistry 2013
2 Dental Risk Management 2013
2 Special Needs Patient Update 2013
2 Sleep Apnea 2013
2 Prevention of Medical Errors 2013
2 Domestic Violence 2013
2 Dental Lab Quality Control and the Digital Revolution 2013
2 Access to Dental Care Update 2013

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