A Powerful Résumé:  Your Key to Career-Building

A Professional Portfolio: Highlight Your Skills

*      *      *

A powerful RÉSUMÉ gets the interview; the INTERVIEW gets the JOB. If you are:
     – having difficulty figuring out “what you want to do with the rest of your life,”
     – having a hard time figuring out where the jobs are,
     – not getting the interviews you want,

* * *

A PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO provides detailed examples of your expertise. If you:
     – want to set yourself apart from other job candidates,
     – can’t decide what to put in and what to leave,
     – are not certain of the best format to use to present YOUR information,
     – don’t know how to organize the material to highlight your strengths,

If you would like a free résumé critique,
send your résumé as a Word or .pdf attachment to

The critique will cover the positives and negatives of your current résumé, including overall appearance, layout effectiveness, completeness and presentation of header, clarity and support of your objective, experience documentation and organization, and education. If you decide to go ahead and have a professional résumé prepared, you will have other categories, but this information is based on individual needs.

If you would like a discuss how a portfolio would work for you,
send your questions and phone number to

What I offer is a strong career search, writing, graphics, and marketing background. If you decide a portfolio would be of benefit, you supply the content, I:
     – analyze your career direction and determine what components are needed,
     – organize the material to best communicate your message,
     – ensure the presentation is professional and graphically pleasing.
I have prepared over 3,000 résumés–and they get results.

My premise is, I can do you a pretty résumé, but, if I haven’t helped you discover what you really want to do, and put together a résumé to get you going that direction, I haven’t done you any favors.

I also know that it is important to set your résumé apart from those of your competition, so hiring managers know exactly the skills you bring to the table, and why you are the best person for the job.

This is the difference between the résumés I prepare, and what you put together yourself–or even what other “professionals” prepare. I’m not in the business of pushing you out the door as fast as possible…I’m looking to team with you. Ninety percent of my clients are repeat customers who come back to me each time they want to make a career move, or word-of-mouth referrals. I have prepared résumés for both national and international clients. No yellow page ads. It’s a nice way to do business.

Résumé intake is done by telephone, and I schedule appointments at your convenience. This usually takes about two hours. Along the way, we’ll explore your job options and directions, and develop your job search strategy. After that, I work for several more hours on your résumé and e-mail the first draft to you. Then, we work back and forth until you are satisfied with the résumé.

Preparation costs for a résumé, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn summary are usually tax deductible if you are unemployed. Talk with your tax advisor about the details.


– The résumés look great! – L

– Thank you Sandra, overall great looking and makes me look good! 🙂 – K

– As usual, excellent work! Please send me a bill! – J

– Just thought I would let you know that I got the job at [company name] against all odds!!!!!! Thank You for your hard work on my resume. – L

– Wow! Is that me??!!? I sound like wonder woman. – B

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