Editing Projects

Parachute book workbook cover large format
What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens [Workbook for the Eckerd Youth Alternatives Program], Carol Christen and Richard Nelson Bolles, 2015

always Almost: WWII Diaries of a German Teen, Giselle Diehm-Dietrich, 2015

Wacky, Warped, and Wicked: Secrets Organizations Don’t Want You to Know, Bruce Hadburg, 2014

Citrus White Gold: An Alternative History of Citrus County, FL, John Miller, 2011

UNCOMMON SUCCESS:Your Personal Guide to a Life Beyond Your Dreams, James Del Vecchio, 2010

Top 20 Rules for Protecting your Florida Estate, D. “Rep” DeLoach III, Estate Planning and Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, 2015

Keeping the Mentally Ill Out of Jail/Rehabilitation Initiative: Pasco County, FL, Doctoral Dissertation: Minnie Diaz, 2015

Easements:How to Protect Your Property and Heirs from the Dangers of Easements, Betty Smith Hearn, 2011

Hi’ Steppin’ Oft Da Crack, Al Lucas, 2010

Memory Cop, J.T. Fay, 2009

Norman Bereft, Nicholas D. Brown, 2009

How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business: Fifth Edition, Lucy Parker, 2007

A Ticket to the Moon, Uthaya Kumar, 2007

The Heart, Peter O. Knight, 2010

A Raging Bull: Chasing the Big Time, Tony Grier, 2007

The New Jack Investor: 100 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make and How You Can Avoid Them, Kenny Rushing, 2008

Space Travelers Land at Buckingham Palace, Peter Lancaster Walker, 2007

A Diplomat’s Daughter, Victoria Montes, 2007

The Misty Forest, Stephanie LeMondé, 2007

Wordsmith 2010, Anthology of the Tampa Writers Alliance, 2009

Wordsmith 2009, Anthology of the Tampa Writers Alliance, 2008


Wordsmith 2008, Anthology of the Tampa Writers Alliance, 2007

Wordsmith 2007, Anthology of the Tampa Writers Alliance, 2006


Wordsmith 2006, Anthology of the Tampa Writers Alliance, 2005

An Historical Overview and New Directions Regarding the Assessment of School-Aged, Learning Disabled/Gifted Students, Doctoral Dissertation: Charles R. Davenport, 2007

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Membranes, Doctoral Dissertation: Khousrou Yazdani, 1992

Modeling Controls for Computer-Integrated Assembly Cells Using Petri Nets, Doctoral Dissertation: Kelwyn A. D’Souza, 1991

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