A Writer’s Life

Fiction…Nonfiction…Poetry…Scripts…Editing…or YOUR Résumé!

    It’s all writing. Since being downsized out of corporate America, I have consulted with over 3,000 people, exploring career directions and creating résumés that work (and usually quite fast). If you want to find out more how I can help you build an effective résumé and job search, stop over at my résumé webpage.

    If I were to look at my life, I would say that it has not been difficult. I am blessed with wonderful parents, a caring brother, and devoted children.

    I am surrounded with friends and recognized by more people than I can remember names. I have a home, a working car, and when I want it, an active social life.

    When I was younger, I had top scholarship in Fine Arts at Indiana University. In 1990, I escaped an abusive marriage and ran away to Florida to raise my children a block away from my parents and brother. I was a Project Manager at IBM until they fired me. I could no longer hold a pencil.

    In the process of losing my voice to multiple sclerosis, I found it. When I had difficulty organizing thoughts, I wrote my first novel, Kaleidoscope. The second, in edit, has a working title of Slideshow.

    My first nonfiction book, The Courage To Do It Again is the compilation of my newsletter which is sent to over 3,500 international readers weekly. If you know a contact in Antarctica, let me know. It’s the only continent I don’t have. The second year’s newsletters are being edited into, The Courage To Do It Again II. Or something like that…the newsletter has been going out for over 5 years now.

    My children’s book, The Whose-its and Whats-its is a delightful story in couplets with the message of the value of differences. Written and illustrated by the author, it has been presented to over a thousand school children in grades from kindergarten to high school. Readings have received an enthusiastic reception from this most critical of audiences–they will not be bored, or you will lose them! My hope is to get it out this year in honor of my first granddaughter’s second birthday.

    A Written Life, my first book of poetry and short stories, is also in edit. Notable in that volume are the poems, “Celebration,” which has gotten standing ovations and, “Old Woman,” a lyrical reflection of life’s loss. Both the poetry and the short stories are written to satisfy our deep longing for meaning.

    A past president of the Tampa Writers Alliance, I have also written for the TWA Write Connections, TampaBayIn, and Tierra Verde’s, The Island Reporter. Keeps me busy…

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  1. Steve Sperry says:

    really enjoyed your talk wednesday night !

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